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Sex dating: rules of the game

One night stand sexYou are single , divorced or separated . Serious relationships do not interest you more for one reason or another : a recent heartbreak , fear of pain , or you just do not want to have a loving commitment . Sex dating definitely the best option that presents itself to you , although he should know fix good rules and stick rigorously . Discover the basic rules of a pure physical relationship in a few lines . Continue reading Sex dating: rules of the game

Flirting and sex dating for shy men

shy couple sexIn you first, not to disgust , he ‘ll have to do small little things. He will not have to go too fast. You will not get a nasty encounter early on. We will first of all learn to smile to people simply by crossing the street for example. Then we will stop to say hello , ask them a path , ask them now, their opinion on a shop… Very simplistic applications but make things happen . Then one day you will ask “if she does not want to be your sex regular meeting ”

Surpass her shyness for real sex encounter Continue reading Flirting and sex dating for shy men

What women want during sex

what women want in bedAccording to a recent survey conducted by a sexologist, we will reveal that prefer women in bed. So you détiendrais all the secrets , you naughty man to succeed in your next meeting or your next sex session . We will deliver tips and tricks for a sexy woman climb the curtains. You were shy, but you knew how to pick a lady even when one is shy, instead following .

So what is the secret to give pleasure to a single woman ?

Many studies have been conducted on the preferences of women , on average, during sexual intercourse . Well all these studies give the same results , on average women prefer foreplay. Continue reading What women want during sex

Tips for staying safe on adult dating sites

sex dating tipsBeing anonymous on adult dating sites. Some of these recommendations could directly affect the use of sex dating sites so you won’t have problems with your wife , or at work, you ‘ll have peace of mind.

Use a special email address

Visiting the hottest sites , it is often necessary to leave an email to access more services . Avoid giving an email address that you used everyday. Your mailbox will inevitably be spammed by promotional offers or questionable messages. It is also unfortunate that your family fall on these accostings inadvertently . Instead, create an address ( Yahoo, Gmail or Outlook for example ) that you only use for these sites. Do not give either your real name, but a nickname . Raise mail address by webmail and not with software . Continue reading Tips for staying safe on adult dating sites