Flirting and sex dating for shy men

shy couple sexIn you first, not to disgust , he ‘ll have to do small little things. He will not have to go too fast. You will not get a nasty encounter early on. We will first of all learn to smile to people simply by crossing the street for example. Then we will stop to say hello , ask them a path , ask them now, their opinion on a shop… Very simplistic applications but make things happen . Then one day you will ask “if she does not want to be your sex regular meeting ”

Surpass her shyness for real sex encounter

When you need to speak to a woman, it becomes more complicated for some. There are different types of shyness :

The woman is hot
First there is the case where the woman is put on a pedestal, where it will have the perspective , a woman is only a different guy . Instead of putting women on a large pedestal , something you can not touch , a princess , someone who should not talk . Must zap it all and spend on something human , we are all equal . Talk to a woman , as you talk with a friend with a different language course .

Avoid the sex image of porn sites
Another problem faced by shy : sexualisation . That is to say , consider the woman as a sexual object , it comes from lack of interaction. Less talking to women , the more you will tend to extrapolate what we’ll see on ads dating naughty elsewhere. More on behind the net , the more behind on porn sites , this is the beginning of the end. We fully sexualized woman and you get to talk to him more easily. So he must redefine its objectives. That is to say, not from the top with the goal to have a number or tonight I must make myself a sex encounter. All that you have to forget , we must speak naturally to people without you having fear of rejection, and without thinking that the purpose is to sleep with .

Not be afraid of rejection, it should take anything personally. For example, if the sexy girl you approach , has had a bad day it can send you on the roses.

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