Sex dating: rules of the game

One night stand sexYou are single , divorced or separated . Serious relationships do not interest you more for one reason or another : a recent heartbreak , fear of pain , or you just do not want to have a loving commitment . Sex dating definitely the best option that presents itself to you , although he should know fix good rules and stick rigorously . Discover the basic rules of a pure physical relationship in a few lines .

Be the one in control
The first rule , which is the basic rule in a sex date is to be at the top in her sexuality. It is important for the man to be perfectly comfortable with regard to its own sexuality as well as girls. We must therefore begin to correct your deficiencies if you have this point of view, the risk that the relationship derail a moment.

Show the casanova inside you

You must create a reputation as a seducer in your environment , social network and professional. This is one of the keys to your success with a sex . In the evenings ,
you are sure to have success with all the girls , while you barely know .

Start with a good foundation
From the first time, make it clear to the girl that you expect it . there is better in fact she knows from the start that you do not expect a relationship serious with it , it’s just for sex. Affirm clearly that you are in a phase of your life when you ‘re not ready to commit and love many times you spend together . Of course, each of your meetings
shall be punished by sex , but take time a little bit to keep it in your arms a moment, pass other nice moments together.

Avoid ambiguous signals
A girl who accepts a sex with a man , it’s either better or if it likes you anyway. It should therefore not expect your sex encountrers could lead to a serious relationship . So remember to visit your conversations that you do not want to have serious relations. Similarly , Always plan your meetings at least 24 hours in advance. If you land in
it at any time and she accepts you in bed is that it is ready to too submit to your will and it is bad for the success of the plan ass. Be always clear to each of your meetings.

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