Tips for staying safe on adult dating sites

sex dating tipsBeing anonymous on adult dating sites. Some of these recommendations could directly affect the use of sex dating sites so you won’t have problems with your wife , or at work, you ‘ll have peace of mind.

Use a special email address

Visiting the hottest sites , it is often necessary to leave an email to access more services . Avoid giving an email address that you used everyday. Your mailbox will inevitably be spammed by promotional offers or questionable messages. It is also unfortunate that your family fall on these accostings inadvertently . Instead, create an address ( Yahoo, Gmail or Outlook for example ) that you only use for these sites. Do not give either your real name, but a nickname . Raise mail address by webmail and not with software .

Separate public and private life

Some websites offer the famous Facebook button to expedite your listing. With one click, the visited site lists all the saved settings for the social network and therefore knows almost everything about you , including your friends. And may even , why not post to your wall. So, stay safe and take the time to fill out the registration form of the site visited , and certainly do not click on the Facebook button.

Surf without leaving traces

All Web browsers have a way of ” private browsing “. Although this method is not 100% reliable ( there are still traces of files downloaded on your hard drive ), you avoid emptying your history at every turn , or leave it lying cookies inadvertently …

Set parental controls

Whatever your ISP (Free, Orange , SFR , Bouygues, Numericable , etc. . ), All offer parental control tool . For you not to forget to set so that your children do not access the same Web sites you .

Check the level of trust the site

Before going surfing naughty sites equip your browser to a WOT extension , for example. A small indicator will show if the site has been the reputation of being safe or not . The level of reliability is entered by the users themselves .

Keep your antivirus updated

You remain master of what you choose to install on your PC , however, antivirus software up to date is a good way to ensure that you have not downloaded without your knowledge or a little faster questionable tool ( Trojans , viruses , malware, adware ) . Also keep update the operating system of your machine . Just like your web browser and Flash player, often used as an input by the virus carries .

Create a Windows session dedicated

Most of the time , a Windows session where one administrator is used . It has suddenly all rights to modify or system settings … and viruses too! Better to use a Windows session as a standard user . Thus, even if one is a victim of malware , the damage will be less . It is also a good way to keep your activities secret naughty websites (provided to lock the session with a password) .

Use a secure means of payment

It is never safe from a scam , especially on foreign websites . If you want access to a paid service , do not use your credit card. Instead, make use of a blue e -card or virtual payment card . It is disposable and can be charged only once for an amount that you can specify . A good way to not be forced to a subscriber service.

Read terms and conditions

Often long and indigestible … However, their reading will bring you details about potential costs of access to services. Even if the time is not more timely for travel , never skip this step before clicking the button I accept the conditions. This will avoid unpleasant surprises on your phone bill or your bank account.

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