What women want during sex

what women want in bedAccording to a recent survey conducted by a sexologist, we will reveal that prefer women in bed. So you d├ętiendrais all the secrets , you naughty man to succeed in your next meeting or your next sex session . We will deliver tips and tricks for a sexy woman climb the curtains. You were shy, but you knew how to pick a lady even when one is shy, instead following .

So what is the secret to give pleasure to a single woman ?

Many studies have been conducted on the preferences of women , on average, during sexual intercourse . Well all these studies give the same results , on average women prefer foreplay.

Some facts about foreplay. There was first there was before the preliminaries, we will call this sexual preludes. You met a woman on our naughty dating site via an ad plan ass. You chat together, you have seen and strikes the hour of a serious and real encounter . For example, if the woman has had a nice afternoon with you, you did a walk in the forest, you gave him a gift, you are interested in it , you’ve gone shopping together . Well it ‘s already put in a favorable disposition to sexual intercourse . And it often single men forget .

Raise the desire gradually
Then it should raise the desire in women . For example, men who are fond of their partners breasts , they will rush quickly to the chest, then they would rather interest in spending time with the strap bra , make glided softly to take time for the woman to feel like his chest or another part of his body is affected. It should make him want to be caressed more intimate way. Taking his time , playing , making his imagination , create a real atmosphere of desire.

The atmosphere and environment for free sex date
The atmosphere is very important for a sexy woman , unlike a man . For a married man, as the woman he likes, he can make love in a pile of trash. Women particularly appreciate an atmosphere : to candles, music master , find a slightly different place, redecorate the room are environmental factors that contribute greatly to the sexual pleasure of the woman cougar .

Vary the pleasure intensity
Finally, it is also important for women naughty is the variation. We said earlier that women need foreplay, but at some point things much like the most passionate : a man who tears his clothes , which begin to be very manly, very passionate , very intense, which are not always in the extreme softness all these elements there, will contribute to the excitement of the woman. This is really a variation of making love that will appeal to most women . If you want to vary the pleasures can make a sex encounter with a black woman.

There is no simple recipe
Unfortunately there is no standard recipe to apply for a woman. A good lover is a man who listens to his partner , who guesses she intuitively search ( cunnilingus , penetration, sodomy , softness, roughness … ) , what she wants . And does not intuitively guess he asked the question ( “So darling ,” this is where your clitoris is ? “). This is a single man who can adapt to his partner does not come with its simple recipe , but to create a composition , a kind of work of unique and original art . Because women like to feel unique as you are married or whether a relationship without a future.

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